Introducing the 0-day Threat Hunt Bug Bounty Promo Through July 11th, 2024!

At Wordfence our mission is to Secure The Web. WordPress powers over 40% of the Web, and Wordfence secures over 5 million WordPress websites. That’s why we’ve decided to run another exciting and new promotion for our Bug Bounty Program. With this promotion, our goal is to get more of the highest risk vulnerabilities disclosed and remediated so that site owners can rest easy knowing we’ve got their back.

As a reminder, every vulnerability reported through our Bug Bounty Program is validated and responsibly disclosed by our team of professionals, which means the more vulnerabilities reported to us, the more secure the WordPress ecosystem becomes. We then republish these vulnerabilities for free and at no cost for use by vendors, researchers, and anyone else interested, to help secure the WordPress community. That includes free programmatic access via our API and webhook notifications. It also includes free use of the data to mass scan WordPress servers for vulnerabilities via Wordfence CLI, which includes completely free vulnerability scanning with no limitations.

Introducing the month-long 0-day Threat Hunt!

Over the next month, through July 11th, 2024, all high risk vulnerabilities in software with >= 1,000 Active Installations, exploitable by no to low privileged attackers, submitted to the Bug Bounty Program will be considered in scope for all researcher tiers, regardless of install count.

This means that for any researcher, all plugins and themes with more than, or equal to, 1,000 active installations will be considered in-scope of our program, regardless of what researcher tier they are in as long as the researcher is reporting a qualifying vulnerability type.

The vulnerabilities included in this threat hunt pose the most significant risk to WordPress site owners as they can often easily lead to a complete site compromise, without user interaction. We hope that encouraging researchers to focus on these during a short time period will lead to more high risk disclosures and improved protection for our users and the entire WordPress ecosystem.

The following is a list of all qualifying vulnerabilities:

No Auth or Low Auth (Subscriber/Customer+) Arbitrary PHP File Upload – for maximum reward the file must be publicly accessible with an easily retrievable name.
No Auth or Low Auth (Subscriber/Customer+) Privilege Escalation to Administrator
No Auth or Low Auth (Subscriber/Customer+) Arbitrary Options Update
No Auth or Low Auth (Subscriber/Customer+) Remote Code Execution/Code Injection
No Auth or Low Auth (Subscriber/Customer+) Arbitrary File Deletion – must be able to delete PHP files
No Auth or Low Auth (Subscriber/Customer+) Arbitrary File Read – must be able to read PHP files
Authentication Bypass to an Administrator

Please note that this list is exhaustive, so only vulnerabilities from the list above will be considered in scope when the active install count of the software is >= 1,000.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the security of the WordPress ecosystem. By participating in our month-long 0-day Threat Hunt, you can help identify and eliminate the most dangerous vulnerabilities, ensuring safer experiences for millions of site owners and users. Your expertise and vigilance are crucial in this collaborative effort to create a more secure online environment.

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Join us today, report those critical vulnerabilities, and let’s make WordPress stronger together!

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