Cross-Site Scripting: The Real WordPress Supervillain

Vulnerabilities are a fact of life for anyone managing a website, even when using a well-established content management system like WordPress. Not all vulnerabilities are equal, with some allowing access to sensitive data that would normally be hidden from public view, while others could allow a malicious actor to take full control of an affected … Read more

WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 Now Available

WordPress 6.1 Beta 1 is now available for download and testing. This version of the WordPress software is under development. Please do not install, run, or test this version of WordPress on production or mission-critical websites. Instead, it is recommended that you test Beta 1 on a test server and site.  You can test WordPress … Read more

WP Briefing: Episode 39: Contributor Stories Live from WordCamp US!

In the thirty-ninth episode of the WordPress Briefing, hear contributors at WordCamp US share stories about their why for using WordPress and attending WordCamps. Have a question you’d like answered? You can submit them to [email protected], either written or as a voice recording. Credits Editor: Dustin HartzlerLogo: Javier ArceProduction: Santana Inniss and Chloé BringmannSong: Fearless First by Kevin … Read more

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