Wordfence Intelligence: Because Community Created Vulnerabilities Are Community Property

Last August, at Black Hat 2022 in Las Vegas, we launched Wordfence Intelligence, a product designed to provide large enterprise customers with rich IP threat data, malware signatures, malware hashes, and vulnerability data to help keep enterprise customers and networks secure.

Our mission at Wordfence is to secure the WordPress community, and to that end we launched a product called “Wordfence Intelligence Community Edition” shortly after the Black Hat launch, in December of last year. This launch expressed a point of view: We believe that vulnerability data is community property because it is created by the security community. While our researchers contribute a significant amount of research, we didn’t feel right about claiming vulnerability data as our own intellectual property and selling it. That is why we included the entire enterprise vulnerability database in this free product, and made API access to the data completely free.

Our goal going forward is to invest in the Wordfence Intelligence WordPress vulnerability database and the distribution of vulnerabilities to the community, and we think that the phrase “community edition” makes the product sound like a lesser version of what might be available to paying customers. That is entirely inaccurate. There is no “paid version” of our vulnerability database – the free edition is the best available and our goal is to make the Wordfence Intelligence WordPress vulnerability database the best and most current source for WordPress vulnerability data in the world.

So we have decided to rebrand “Wordfence Intelligence Community Edition” simply to “Wordfence Intelligence”.

From now on, we will use the phrase “Wordfence Intelligence Enterprise” to describe paid only products designed for use by large organizations defending networks and large customer bases, and “Wordfence Intelligence” will be the suite of products available at no cost to defenders and to the research community.

During 2023 you will see several exciting new features added to Wordfence Intelligence designed to secure the WordPress community, to make data freely available to threat researchers, and to incentivize the research community to help secure WordPress. As a team we are incredibly excited about the free resources that Wordfence Intelligence makes available to the global security community and how that will improve WordPress security as a whole. You can find Wordfence Intelligence (and its free community resources) on this page.

In addition, you can learn how to access the Wordfence Intelligence vulnerability data via an API on this page – the data is available to download in its entirety, at no cost, as often as you’d like!

If you are an enterprise customer, you can learn more about our enterprise products on the product page for Wordfence Intelligence Enterprise.

Thanks for choosing Wordfence, and we look forward to keeping your WordPress sites secure and to securing the global WordPress community.

– Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder & CEO and Chloe Chamberland, Head of Product for Wordfence Intelligence

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