WP Briefing: Episode 46: The WP Bloopers Podcast

This episode of the WP Briefing features all the Josepha bloopers our little elves have stored away over the year.

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[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:00:00] 

Hello everyone, and welcome to the WordPress Briefing, the podcast where you can normally catch quick explanations of the ideas behind the WordPress open source project with the hope that deeper understanding creates deeper appreciation.

But on today’s bonus episode, instead of catching quick explanations, you’ll catch some quick bloopers. 

The end of the year is a time when many people and many cultures gather together, and whether you observe traditions of light or faith, compassion, or celebration from everyone here at the WordPress Briefing Podcast, we’re wishing you a happy, festive season and a very happy New Year.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the laughs and outtakes from recording the WP Briefing over the year.

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:01:00] 

Hello everyone, and welcome to the WordPress. This is the thing I’ve done 25 times, and I know how to do it for reals.

Welcome to WordPress Briefing, episode 20. Oh no, 7? 27? 26? Episode 27. I know how many things I’ve done.

Ooh, neat. This is Josepha recording episode 46 of the WP Bonus Briefings. Not because we’ve had 46 bonus Briefings, but because this is the 46th one and it is a bonus, it will also have a fancy name. But right now, I’m just calling it the bonus. It’s gonna be quick. Here I go. 

Group them into two big buckets, themes, uh, themes and tools. Mmm, I’m gonna have to redo the whole thing! No! I thought I could save it, and I didn’t save it. I had a typo in my script, and then I messed it up. I, it said into you big buckets instead of into two big buckets. 

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:02:00] 

I’m gonna start over from the target release date because I kind of smeared it all together, um, despite what I intended to do.

And gives everyone, no. What is this ringing of phones? Oh, I was doing so well. Where was I? Let’s see if I can just pick it up.

All righty, live from my closet. It’s episode 20, the WordPress Briefing, WP Briefing. So I have a title for this, and when I started writing it, I really had every intention of writing it to the title. And then what I wrote doesn’t fit the title at all, but does really hang together well. And so we’re gonna have to come up with a new title, but at the moment, it’s called So Many Ways to WordPress.

Here in a minute, you will see why it doesn’t fit. Also, at the end, I feel like I get very, like, angry nerd leader.

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:03:00]  

And so I may, I may at the end, give that a second go and see if there’s a way that I can soften it a little bit, but, I, I don’t know that I can soften it. I feel very strongly about it. So, maybe I am just an angry nerd leader.

Oh, okay. I’ll get us started now that I apparently have filled the room with apologies, not the room, the closet. 

We’ll figure out something very catchy as a title or as an alternative. Very descriptive, and people will click on it because they must know, but we’ll figure out the title later.

@wordpress.org. However, I don’t know why I decided to do an invitation to email me in the middle of that. I’m gonna start from the top of that paragraph. I just got too excited by the opportunity to get mail.

I gotta slow it down. I’m like the fastest talker, had too much coffee. Okay, slowing it down now. 

Huh? What am I saying? No, no, that’s what I’m saying. It’s fine. I, I can do this. 

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:04:00]

Hold on. Oww. Sorry. I was adjusting my microphone, and then it fell down. I happened to be holding it at the time, so it didn’t, like, slam down, I think, and hurt your ears and so I apologize. Good thing I stopped so it didn’t just, like, slam down in the middle of a recording.

That’s all right. I’m gonna give myself that win, even though it’s a hollow one. All right. Trying again. Starting right there, at now since.

This year, it starts on October 18th, 2001. That’s the year? No, 2021. That’s the year. Oh man. I’m doing such a great job of this.

Um, I’m recording this slightly before, um, you’re hearing it? What, how am I gonna start this? Hold on. I don’t know how to start this. All right. I’m, I can do it.

Oh, I’m so glad I remembered. We had guests that could have been so embarrassing.

Now for me, the trade-offs work well. How many times can I say now?

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:05:00] 

Do I just start every sentence with now now? Is this just how I do things? Uh, now, now, now, now. I’m gonna start all over again because I’m in my head about the words in my mouth now. So.

In some near timeframe, some near timeframe. This is not a thing that people say, Dustin, I’m sorry. That’s not a thing people say. I’m just gonna retry that one sentence to sound like I speak with other human beings sometimes.

Today is the start of… I can do these things.

This was a terrible ending. I need to just finish that last part. I’m gonna redo the part where I started with my name and not the name of the podcast. Um, and we’ll do that.

And if you’re supporting or building anything to hand off to clients, you know that timely, easy to ship changes on a site are considered a vital part of any overarching brand and marketing strategy. Wow. It’s like, I don’t know what words are right there. 

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:06:00] 

I tripped over my own tongue a lot. I’m gonna sit, I’m gonna do that paragraph again because I didn’t do a very good job of it.

I’ll do a better job.

I literally digress, and now I don’t know. I am in my thing. What was I saying? Oh, there we go. 

Topher DeRosia, who founded Word not WordPress. Holy moly. That was a, I knew I was gonna say that, and I was like, don’t say that when you actually get around to saying this, but here I am, and I did it. Even though I knew I was gonna do it and I told myself not to. Doing it again. Right from there.

Not which audiench segment. Oh man. Audiench is not a word, folks. I was on a roll. I’m gonna start right from the primary thing.

I don’t even remember how I started this podcast. What is the last thing I said? I said, here we go. All right. 

Kind of covered some interesting ground, and so, oh no, this is not where I’m gonna start it. I know exactly where I’m gonna start it. Okay. I’m really ready now. Here we go.

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:07:00] 

I suddenly, I’m gonna pause right here because I suddenly got really worried that I didn’t actually hit record. Oh my gosh. I did. Woo. I’m all over the place. Okay. We’ll now continue. Wait, did I? Oh my goodness. I did, super sorry.

Of the WordPress Briefing. I’m gonna do some singing in the middle of some talking, but I keep trying to talk myself out of the singing, so I’m gonna go ahead and do the singing, and then I’ll do the talking before I talk myself out of the singing. Here I go, probably.

I added a word. That was so good. I’m gonna start again. I’m gonna get some water, and then I’m gonna start again. Not again. Again. Just from the ‘and finally.’

I don’t know how I finish my show. Y’all, I do this literally every week. I never know how to finish my show. Here we go.

I don’t know why I shouted at you from the other side of the tiny closet. I apologize. I’m gonna start again from ‘and finally.’

Tada we did it.

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:08:00] 

Ha. I hate it. I hate the whole podcast. It’s gonna be fine. 

Done. Nailed it.

[Josepha Haden Chomphosy 00:00:00] 

With that, I’m your host, Josepha Haden Chomphosy. Merry Christmas from me. Happy holidays to you, and we’ll see you again in the new year.


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