Misleading news subject on NU.nl about ProtonMail

Read full store about the Legal Request on ProtonMail

Dutch news website NU.nl is known for it’s misleading subjects on their news articles, only a small portion on what really went on will be explained in a few lines just to attrack readers.

Today they have posted yet another misleading subject about ProtonMail, the subject suggested that the Swiss ProtonMail just handed over the IP-address. They didn’t tell the entire story, it’s a small misleading text that simply blames ProtonMail.

When reading the full story what really went down via their website you will get to know on why they had to comply on Switserlands Legal request. ProtonMail have protected users with over more than 700 requests just last 2020, it’s easier to blame a company rather then telling the true and full story.

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