WordPress 6.2 Release Candidate 1

WordPress 6.2’s first release candidate (RC1) is here and ready for testing. Reaching this part of the release cycle is a key milestone. While we consider release candidates ready for final release, additional testing and use by the community can only make it better. The official release of 6.2 is just three short weeks away … Read more

Wordfence Intelligence Weekly WordPress Vulnerability Report (Feb 27, 2023 to Mar 5, 2023)

Wordfence has curated an industry leading vulnerability database with all known WordPress core, theme, and plugin vulnerabilities known as Wordfence Intelligence. This database is continuously updated, maintained, and populated by Wordfence’s highly credentialed and experienced vulnerability researchers through in-house vulnerability research, vulnerability researchers submitting directly to us using our CVE Request form, and by monitoring … Read more

How to Generate Organic Traffic for Your Online Store

If you’re relatively new to your ecommerce adventure, you’ve likely been inundated with marketing terms — pay-per-click, search engine marketing, user generated content, SEO, and more.  Figuring out a strong advertising mix is an important part of growing your store, but there’s another side of growth that you don’t pay for — organic traffic. Today we’re … Read more

PSA: Intentionally Leaving Backdoors in Your Code Can Lead to Fines and Jail Time

In the cybersecurity field, we talk a lot about threat actors and vulnerable code, but what doesn’t get discussed enough is intentional vulnerabilities and becoming your own threat actor. Even when making decisions with the best of intentions, it is possible to work against your own best interests. One area we see this in comes … Read more

Wordfence Intelligence: Because Community Created Vulnerabilities Are Community Property

Last August, at Black Hat 2022 in Las Vegas, we launched Wordfence Intelligence, a product designed to provide large enterprise customers with rich IP threat data, malware signatures, malware hashes, and vulnerability data to help keep enterprise customers and networks secure. Our mission at Wordfence is to secure the WordPress community, and to that end we … Read more

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