PSA: YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium Plugin Exploited in the Wild

The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team has been tracking exploits targeting a Critical Severity Arbitrary File Upload vulnerability in YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium, a plugin with over 50,000 installations according to the vendor. The vulnerability, reported by security researcher Dave Jong and publicly disclosed on November 22, 2022, impacts plugin versions up to and including … Read more

Exploiting WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities to Steal AWS Metadata

In an ideal world, vulnerabilities would not exist. A request would be sent to a server, properly validated, and only the intended information would be provided by the server. Of course, this is not a perfect world, and vulnerabilities can be introduced unintentionally, or even found due to previously unknown weaknesses within the programming language. … Read more

How Much is Your Hacked Site Worth?

The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team has recently concluded an investigation of online marketplaces, colloquially known “shops” by threat actors, selling access to compromised services. While contemporary threat actors primarily coordinate and conduct business through Telegram channels, compromised services and accounts are effectively a commodity, and access to them has become fundamental to the operation of … Read more

Wordfence Launches Free Vulnerability Database For Commercial Use – And Launches Security Portal

Today we are incredibly excited to announce that Wordfence is launching an entirely free vulnerability database API and web interface, available for commercial use by hosting companies, security organizations, threat analysts, security researchers, and the WordPress user community. This is part of a larger project known as Wordfence Intelligence Community Edition, which we are launching … Read more

Configuration Probing: Your Backups Might Be Your Greatest Weakness

Configuration files exist to make life easier for developers and website operators. In a world without configuration files, every instance of code that depended on a database connection could potentially require the connection details to be hard coded or manually entered. Other reusable data would be defined multiple times, causing code bloat and possible performance … Read more

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